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Accelerated learning

Suitable for existing or new drivers (maximum of three people per day), these training programs are completed in either your own car or one that can be supplied by TiR Driver Training.  Training is completed within the safety of the Millbrook Proving Ground facility in Bedfordshire.  Millbrook Proving Ground is only open to industry approved professionals and is owned by General Motors.  Here, it is an opportunity to enhance the skills already learnt through the DSA program but in a very short timeframe.  Using the industry developed test tracks within the facility, I can teach you and up to two friends or relatives the following subjects in perfect safety:

Skid avoidance and control
Emergency braking (ABS and non ABS)
Accident avoidance

I will introduce some basic advanced driving techniques throughout the day that will further improve your observations and control on the road.  You will finish this educational and fun day on the Millbrook Handling Circuit with a high speed passenger run in the TiR Driver Training rare and exotic ALFA Romeo SZ


If you have not driven for some time, the thought of getting back behind the wheel can be fairly daunting.  TiR Driver Training has experience getting people safely back on the road and dealing with modern day driving and road situations.  A review of the Highway Code goes hand in hand with the lessons to bring your knowledge back to and above the DSA’s required standard.

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Motorway driving is another area where many people can feel uncomfortable.  For new drivers as well as the more experienced, being subjected to fast moving traffic on a three, four or even five lane section of Motorway can prove to be nerve wrecking so let us take some of the pain away for you.  It is illegal for Provisional licence holders to venture onto the Motorway network as we are all aware so this means that unless you, as a new driver have completed the Pass Plus course Motorways can be a daunting and dangerous place.

If all you need is some Motorway experience, then this is an ideal course.  As with the refresher and Accelerated Learning courses, the classes can be started from the Millbrook Proving Ground where a high speed track is available to practice on.  Safe high speed driving techniques can be introduced before the first steps are taken onto the Motorway.  If experience has been gained previously on Dual Carriageways, it could be that a reassuring and calming passenger in the form of an industry trained instructor can keep you focused on the important task of driving

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